Are you tired of working hard to change yourself and longing for an easier and more comfortable life?

Does your life revolve around constant self-improvement and overcoming your imperfections?

Do you have a collection of motivational books and videos and work on improving your time management skills?

But it only makes you unhappy because you can't achieve it in comparison to others' success

And you start to work harder and then your life is just full of stress, discomfort and inner tension.

Stop following someone else's path that is not meant for you!

There is your own path, effective, perfect for you, easy and interesting. 

Save your energy and discover your potential in life.



4 personality types"

Discover who you are by your nature and which is your potential in life


Who you really are

What sets you apart

Your potential in life
(happiness, wealth, popularity, success)

You will understand your unique value

Start understanding what suits you best

Learn to read people by their actions

As result you will become more confident, calm, and free

 'ELEMENPATHY' (Elements + Empathy)

My Mission - To help everyone be their true selves and pursue their passions.

To achieve this, I create unique and interesting products - courses, workshops, and books.
I don't like it when things are complicated and confusing. That's why my lessons are simple, short, and effective.

Natalia Amatulli

  • Author of self-understanding and calling courses
  • Expert in 4 natural personality types 
  • SuperEmpathy Trainer (based on NVC)
  • Author of the book 'Berufung? Elementar!' (German, soon English)


who are tired of comparing themselves to others

who are tired of changing themselves

who are tired of the stress of life

who just want to be themselves

and be valuable at the same time

and be happy

who want to live easier and more comfortably

who want to unleash their potential

who want to follow their own path

And most importantly -


1. What the Personality Elements system is (PE system)

Introduction to Personality Elements. Origin story. Roots of the system.

2. What is your main element? Simple calculation.

Determining your natural set with a specialized program.


8 video lessons with simple assignments
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Lessons on a user-friendly platform
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Access - 1 month
You can review the lessons multiple times

Lesson duration: 5-10 minutes. 
The whole course: 1 hour
The lessons are very informative and easy to understand.



The personality elements have taken root in my mind, and now I view everything from this perspective.

I have understood the origins of conflicts and misunderstandings within the family, and it has greatly helped me in communicating with my loved ones. It has become easier to accept myself and my close ones, while also setting my boundaries more effortlessly. The world truly appears differently to me now.


Finally, the puzzle of "why things are the way they are" has fully come together.

In my relationships with loved ones, everything has fallen into place. Knowledge of the personality elements has brought a lot of clarity and precision to my understanding system. Now I know how to approach any person, understand their motives, and unravel the chain of reactions.


It turned out that my relationships with some people were difficult because I had trouble understanding them, measuring them by my own standards.

Knowledge of the personality elements is invaluable when we raise children, when they choose a university, a profession - and here the main thing is not even to help them, but at least not to derail them from their path!


Family relationships have improved, the actions of people close to me have become clear, as well as my emotions and my reaction to external irritants. As a result, life has improved and become easy and comfortable.

I started looking at the people close to me differently. The relationships have become more comfortable. I have started to trust myself more. I am more at peace with my mistakes. I love myself more.

I have discovered the nature of my actions and emotions. The emotions and actions of people close to me have become more understandable.


When you start understanding people, understanding why they act and behave the way they do, it simply becomes easier to live without getting worked up and thinking, "Why is it so?" or "Why did he or she treat me this way?"


Many things no longer seem so fatal. There is now the opportunity to act in accordance with one's nature, not just because it's required.

Moreover, these insights are applicable in all areas of life.

Understanding people's actions and what lies behind them has become easier. This noticeably improves relationships. It has become easier to understand one's desires and abilities, and, most importantly, how to apply them in life.


Now I see the distinction between people so clearly, their individual nature and behaviors.

There is a newfound ease and joy in understanding the differences in others' nature and myself. I have given myself permission to be true to who I am, both to myself and to others. Now I am a fan of elements forever, and enlightenments about this topic continue to visit me!


My life, during and after completing the course on psychotypes, has become more rounded, so to speak. It's called integrity or a step closer to it.

I have gained a better understanding of myself and others in certain moments of life. I have become softer, more tolerant. Now I allow myself to be who I am. It feels like even my emotions manifest in a more natural way. I'm becoming alive! It's as if I have been released from a spell! Touched by a magic wand! They said, "Awaken!"

It has become clear where my sense of guilt and inability to delegate tasks come from. I have tried to strengthen my boundaries, yet I didn't feel like I was destroying anyone in the process.


Now it's impossible to interact with someone without paying attention to their phrases, quickness of reaction, thinking style, and so on. Automatically, I try to determine their psychotype in order to understand how to build a friendly dialogue and relationship primarily, well, and just to understand what to expect from this person in general.


I became happier, now there is more resonance in my life!

I started accepting myself instead of belittling myself.  I became friends with myself.

I have become calmer in how I perceive what I used to consider shortcomings in other people; now I see their merits


4 personality types 

8 video lessons

Answers about you and your close ones

Learn your potential in life

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